Office Point is a site that shares business information.

Office Point is a site that shares business information.

Office Point is the largest community site that shares information on businesses across the country. Members who are looking for the oppoint domain address or the latest address, please click the shortcut to receive guidance.

What are office points?

Office Point provides business information by city/province and district/county level so that members can use the business in the area they want through regional classification. Through the convenient search function, you can search and use the desired area and business. .오피포인트

Share business information

The Office Point site provides a variety of business information, allowing you to conveniently search and use various business information such as business trips, offices, and massages.

Convenient business information sharing

user interface

The user interface is the most basic element of a site, allowing users to easily understand the site and quickly find the information they are looking for, thereby providing an intuitive and user-friendly design. The design interface was created with sufficient consideration of what information the user needs and how to find that information, and provides a personalized user experience by reflecting the user's tastes and behavior patterns.oppoint


search function

It provides an efficient search function so that users can easily find the desired business, and provides various search conditions such as region, industry, and name. Complex searches are also possible by combining these conditions. Additionally, search results are sorted and displayed for users to easily understand and compare.


Business information

All necessary information, including business name, address, contact information, business hours, menu, and price, is conveniently provided. This information is an important criterion for users to select a business, so it is as detailed and accurate as possible, and providing photos or videos of the business also helps provide users with more information.


Review and rating system

We provide a review and rating system so that users can share their experiences and refer to other users' reviews. This system provides more reliable information about a business through the ratings that users leave after actually using the business. Additionally, a community is formed through the process of users sharing their opinions and referring to the opinions of others, which increases user participation and commitment to the site.



Business information is kept accurate and up-to-date. Errors or outdated information can reduce user trust, so the accuracy and reliability of the information is maintained. To achieve this, continuous data updates and verification processes website are required, and we are actively making modifications based on feedback received from users.


mobile optimization

Since many users use the Internet through smartphones, the site was designed to work well in a mobile environment, provides optimized design and functions for mobile users, and is operated so that users can use the site quickly and reliably on mobile devices.



We safely protect your personal information and clearly notify you of this. We guarantee that your personal information will not be shared or used without permission, and we provide clear and easy-to-understand information on how we collect, use, and protect your personal information.


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